Our schedule of travels, including contact information for each location.  Note- many of the clinics between races have not been scheduled yet.  The calendar will be updated as soon as dates are secured.  If you would like a clinic, workshop, panel discussion, or group run in your area, we can set something up through your nearest Merrell retailer.  Ask them to inquire with their Merrell rep to schedule an event.

Updated 7/13/2011

  • July 14-16: 18th European Outdoor Trade Fair, Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • July 19th-20th: Driving from Grand Rapids, MI to Pennsylvania
  • July 21st to 26th: exploring Pennsylvania trails, no events planned
  • July 27th or 28th: Barefoot running clinic @ Crossfit Akron, OH (tentative)
  • July 30 to 31st: Burning River 100 Miler Endurance Run (Shelly and I are both pacing friends)
  • August 1st to 5th: driving to Colorado
  • August 6th to 12th: Exploring Colorado, no events planned
  • August 13th: Mt. Sneffels Marathon, Ouray, CO
  • August 14th to 17th: Drive from Colorado to Minnesota
  • August 18th: Barefoot Running Clinic, Tradehome Shoes, Rochester, MN
  • August 20th: Minneapolis Naked Foot 5k
  • August 21st to 24th: Driving from Minnesota to Michigan
  • August 28th: Grand Rapids Naked Foot 5k
  • August 29th to September 7th: Hanging out in and around Michigan
  • September 9th to 11th: Woodstock Trail Running Festival
  • September 12th to 22nd: Driving to Northeast US, no events planned
  • September 24th and 25th: 2nd Annual NYC Barefoot Run and related festivities
  • September 26th to 29th: Drive from NY to WV
  • October 1st: Freedom’s Run Marathon and related events

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