For about a year or so, I’ve been a part-time stay-at-home parent. Each Tuesday and Thursday, I’m home alone with our recently-turned five year old.

And it seriously sucks.

He’s our most talkative, outgoing kid. Over the course of the ten or so hours I’m alone with him, he won’t go more than ten minutes without interacting with me in some way. He narrates every action, verbalizes every thought. Our other children did the same, but they’re rather introverted themselves. Eventually they would hole up somewhere around the house for their own solitude. Not our youngest, though.

And it seriously sucks.

As a moderate introvert, I love interacting with people… for awhile. Eventually I need silence. I need solitude. I need to shut the outside world out. If I don’t get that down time, I begin to lose my mind. I become anxious, agitated, and easily annoyed. I can’t concentrate (which is not cool for a writer.) I start questioning my decision to stay at home. I start fantasizing about escaping somehow.

And it seriously sucks.

Our society likes to champion the idea that parents should always be “on.” We should love every waking moment with our kids. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me to “cherish their youth”, I could afford to place him in preschool full-time.

Our older two are at the age where they can entertain themselves without parental interaction. Hell, the oldest is starting the ‘tween “I don’t want to be around my parents anymore” phase… and we love it.

Extrovert parents that feed off those interactions with their children pretty much run the parenting scene, which places undo expectations on us introvert parents. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. I know there are other introvert parents out there that feel the same way. Perhaps its time we speak up. With summer vacation just around the corner, we need to hear that it’s okay to crave that solitude away from our kids.

Any other introverted parents out there? Leave a comment!




My new book is finally finished and available via Amazon! “Must Have Been Another Earthquake, Kids: A short, honest guide to full-time RV living with children” covers our three year adventure traveling the United States with our kids in tow. In the book, I cover a wide variety of topics (see table of contents below.) The goal is simple- we met A LOT of people that were considering, with various levels of seriousness, doing something similar to us.

They had a lot of questions.

Most revolved around sex.

Based on their perceptions, it was clear the research they had done gave them an overly-optimistic rosy view of the lifestyle. While there are a million positive aspects to these kind of adventures, there are also serious caveats. This book covers both in detail.

It is essential reading for anyone considering the RV lifestyle with kids, or may be kicking around the idea of any sort of microhousing.

The book is also available for Kindle.

Blogger friends- if you’re interested in writing a review, drop me a line via Facebook or email.

Table of Contents:

Our story
The Decision to Live in an RV
The Typical American Lifestyle
The Options
Making the Hard Decisions
This Idea Sounds Too Good to be True!
Just How Common Is This?
Prerequisites to Hitting the Road
Preparing Finances
Securing Multiple Income Streams
Setting a Date
Emotions of Leaving Friends and Family
Choosing the type of RV
Does brand matter?
Types of Campgrounds
Cost of Campgrounds
Camping Clubs
What do Campgrounds Offer?
How safe are campgrounds?
The Positives of the Full-time RV Lifestyle with Kids
The Negatives of the Full-time RV Lifestyle with Kids
The Rest of the Story
Frequently Asked Questions
How it Changed Us
Creating Your Own Adventure
Reading list


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